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LKW WALTER cerca giovani neolaureati/e in Economia! 29 Mar 2016

  Stiamo cercando neolaureati/e in economia con specializzazione in management, commercio estero, marketing e gestione aziendale.  Tra i requisiti che richiediamo ci sono: Buona conoscenza ...

What is TIM looking for? 16 Mar 2016

  We are looking for graduating or graduated young people in ICT or Electronics Engineering, Computer Sciences, Communication, Mathematics, Marketing and Finance, with enthusiastic contribution t...

Lincoln Electric: VRTEX® welding simulators: come and enjoy a virtual reality! 10 Mar 2016

  The systems offer hands-on training that’s consistent with standard industry methodology and evaluation criteria in a fun “gaming” inspired environment, thanks to a specially ...



International Career Day is the first career event in Italy dedicated exclusively to career opportunities in international context. It is for final year university students, recent graduates and young professionals (engineering, technical-scientific and economics area) who have a firm grasp of the English language and other european languages who are willing to gain experience in international context.

At the event you can make direct contact with companies, business schools and other education organizations. It is a unique occasion to learn more about the open positions, work environment, trainings and professional development; master and MBA programs, scholarship possibilities and about work and travel programs of the exhibitors. In case of interest applicants can submit their CVs and application forms before, during or after the event, as specified on each organization profile.

Some of the exhibitors will run presentations and introduce their organization and the available opportunities in details and showcase testimonies and personal experiences. The one-hour long presentations are an excellent opportunity to gain more information about the organizations present.

In addition, the event is a window on Europe: the advisors of EURES - European Employment Services - will be available for all participants to provide information about the job opportunities the foreign labour markets offer.

The next edition of the event will take place in Rome on November 22, 2016 - 12th edition